Grading Structures

stairsA well-designed grading structure provides a foundation for all of your people programs, supports consistent and transparent reward structures and career and development programs. It will also enable the introduction of powerful analytics that can provide valuable insight for management decisions and is an invaluable tool when planning for growth, or managing necessary contraction.

We have a wealth of experience in this area, developed in businesses of various sizes, stages of development and sectors, and understand the keys to success and failure. We can design bespoke job evaluation and grading projects or lead projects to implement off-the shelf structures. We can also create the governance frameworks that will protect their integrity over time.

Managing the changes driven by a grading project is an integral and essential part of any roll-out. Communication is at the core of this change management and we can work with you to create effective messaging, appropriate to your culture and way of working, which will ensure the grading structure is understood by HR, line managers and employees alike. We will also leave your internal team prepared to manage the framework going forward.

Grading isn’t always a green field – you may already have historic level structures, or central programs that you work within – we can also help you get the most out of those. We can design analytics that will identify where grading has become misaligned or drifted; work with you to build business cases for challenging assigned grading from the corporate centre; and collaborate on pragmatic solutions to knotty historical problems like post-merger integration issues.

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