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As I’ve built my career in Reward, I’ve worked on some great projects, been part of lots of fantastic teams and seen my share of mistakes. The real world is tough for a perfectionist, and the most valuable lesson I’ve learned, whether working in the UK or other countries around the world, is pragmatism – there is no perfect solution when you’re working with people. There are, however, solutions that will maximise the positive impact and minimise the risk; those are the ones I’ll help you find for your business.

Working in small businesses and big corporations, from charities to high tech and boutique consultancies to Big Four professional services, I’ve seen how businesses can get things right – and figured out how to recover when things don’t work out as planned. I can bring that pragmatism and perspective to your business, working with you to build a solution tailored to where you want to be and making sure you have the skills and expertise to keep it going.

vanessa-landreneauWhether it’s a transaction or a transformation, introducing a new structure or enhancing the communications to highlight what you’re already doing well, I’m looking forward to working with you!

Vanessa Landreneau

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