Hummingbird Consulting offers pragmatic, bespoke reward and analytics support for businesses going through, or looking at, change. Wherever you are in the process, we will provide a fresh perspective to help you improve existing reward structures, design bespoke solutions from first principles, or anything in between. Questions we can help you answer include:

  • Are our reward and people structures supporting our business strategy?
  • Are we making the most of our reward spend?
  • Are our reward programs and communications clear and engaging?
  • Do we have the expertise to manage a merger or acquisition?
  • Do we need additional skilled resource to manage change?
  • Do we need greater insight into our people costs and areas of risk?
  • How can we identify areas of risk and opportunity, for example in an acquisition or organisation redesign?

Alternatively, you may just think your organisation would benefit from a review; a fresh look through different eyes. Whatever your starting point, we will work with you to understand the key drivers of your business, the constraints you face and what you want to achieve, and then work with you to design innovative and pragmatic solutions that underpin your strategy and culture. When we design programs, structures or solutions, our aim will always be to leave your internal teams with the tools and skills they need to maintain them going forward.

Years of experience identifying and removing obstacles to success help us to design reward plans that discourage counterproductive behaviours and understand how best to communicate reward strategies to ensure their impact is maximised.

We thrive on challenges and would love to talk with you about yours. You can reach us on 01223 782312 or use the contact form and we’ll get back to you.