What we offer

What we offer

Grading Structures

A well-designed grading structure provides a foundation for all of your people programs, supports consistent and transparent reward structures and career development programs.

Reward Management

Understanding how your existing reward offerings compare in your local market(s) is invaluable when designing a new approach or addressing specific current challenges, for example in helping you to understand why you’re struggling to attract candidates or losing your best people to the competition.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer proven expertise in international due diligence for transactions (mergers, acquisitions, carve-outs, etc.), including grading, pay, benefits, incentive design, equity plan design, change of control provisions and other employment terms.

Organisation Design

As organisations grow and change, it can make sense to review team, department and company processes and structure, particularly the interface or overlap between teams, in order to increase effectiveness and save duplication.

Beyond Pay

What drives retention and keeps employees engaged with your business? It’s important you pay competitively to avoid losing talent for incremental cash improvement but, beyond that, it’s important to review your working environment, processes, communication, broader reward (including personal development) and how you recognise and engage people.