Mergers & Acquisitions

Due Diligence

We offer proven expertise in international due diligence for transactions (mergers, acquisitions, carve-outs, etc.), including grading, pay, benefits, incentive design, equity plan design, change of control provisions and other employment terms.
This may include identifying significant challenges to the transaction in the early stages as well as supporting post-transaction integration planning and project management.
Each transaction brings different challenges, and we can help you on a broad range of issues that may include:
Aligning grade, salary, incentives and benefits post-close, including understanding the impact of package changes on employee morale and retention and suggesting mitigation
Understanding international employment challenges
Reviewing equity and incentive plan design to assess retention and company risk as well as design of retention for key employees through, and beyond, the transaction (note that good communication here can be at least as effective as cash!)
Post-transaction organisation design including analytics to compare organisations and the costing of any reductions and retention required
Design of employee communication plans through the transaction to manage change and support retention

Perhaps most importantly, we can offer pragmatic approaches to managing change and uncertainty throughout the transaction period and additional, experienced, resource when it seems everything needs to happen at once.