Organisation Design

As organisations grow and change, it can make sense to review team, department and company processes and structure, particularly the interface or overlap between teams, in order to increase effectiveness and save duplication.

Organisation structure analytics help identify areas for review and inform the design of a new structure and new programmes.
We can also use grading structure work to provide a different perspective on structures, offering a consistent lens to view the organisation across teams.

Sometimes the challenge isn’t actually an organisation design one – clear communication of roles and responsibilities, individual development challenges and even the physical office environment can all be significant contributors to creating an effective organisation.
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A Pragmatic

A pragmatic external view of the bigger picture can often help minimise the need for big change programs and save needless work, disruption and expense.

How we help

We can help with all of this as well as providing cost analytics for employment and scenario planning. Most importantly, we can provide a neutral challenge to the status quo and a fresh perspective. Once the solution is agreed, we can also help with communication of the new design, setting out the rationale for change and the intended impact on the organisation. This will be key to support staff engagement and the retention of key employees through the change.