Beyond Pay

What drives retention and keeps employees engaged with your business? It’s important you pay competitively to avoid losing talent for incremental cash improvement but, beyond that, it’s important to review your working environment, processes, communication, broader reward (including personal development) and how you recognise and engage people.
We can help you identify ways to create an environment where employees are able to work effectively and assist in the design of an employee value proposition that aligns with your business culture and resonates with your employees.

is key

A crucial element of this is often communication of the existing employee value proposition. Often this is not well understood and, by simply making it real for people we can help save costs and generate considerable engagement. We can design a suite of tools – using a mix of verbal, written and graphic media – to help HR, line managers and employees understand and value your reward programs.

Holding hands

Recognition program

Beyond understanding their compensation, employees want to know they are valued. We can work with you to find effective approaches to recognise your employees for their contributions. This may include introducing a formal recognition program, but could equally focus on a culture of more informal recognition or even simply spotting and removing obstacles that get in the way of people being their most effective.

Communication Programme

We can also design a communication roll-out programme to maximise the impact and retention of the communication and ensure a lasting effect. Most importantly, we’ll take a pragmatic approach that will focus on repackaging and highlighting what you are already doing well rather than needlessly introducing change and expense.